The Archangel of Dreams


The servants of Blandine rarely engage in actual physical violence. They greatly favor manipulation and spend each night in the adventure of guiding dreamers and combating the forces of Beleth, the Demon Princess of Nightmares.


An angel of Blandine may not assume Celestial form on the Corporeal plane or use Celestial Songs while on Earth.

As most servants are charged with specific dreamers, failing to warn the dreamer of impending danger in their next dream also generates dissonance.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim Add Ethereal Forces to Perception rolls in the Marches

Cherubim Automatically enter the dreamscape of a dreamer to whom he is attuned.

Ofanim When Dream Walking, upon a successful Perception roll, he may remain in dreamscape for CD x Ethereal Forces minutes.

Elohim When in the Marches, no Resonance roll is needed for emotions, and he may use Ethereal Forces in place of the CD.

Malakim Subtract his Ethereal Forces from any Perception roll made to detect him when he wishes to remain unobserved.

Kyriotates May extend his consciousness to a number of dreamscapes equal to his Ethereal Forces.

Mercurians May move between the dreamscapes of dreamers whose corporeal forms are close to one another and who are on the same side of the Marches (Dreams vs. Nightmares).

Servitor Attunements

Dream Walking Enter the Marches through the mind of a human dreamer he has seen. Both must be asleep, human must be in Blandine’s realm. Cost: 0 Essence, Perception roll (+2 if touching). CD gives minutes in dream for success or number of minutes before he can retry for failure.

Healing Dream The user may scan a person’s memory for a topic and modify it. Certain parts are blocked: strong convictions, memories from the last 10 – Ethereal Forces (user’s) years, phobias, insanities, major traumas. Cost: 6 Essence, Will roll at -2 (resisted by patient.) On failure, the patient wakes up and remembers a dream about the subject.


Vassal of Dreams Can send blissful dreams to any sleeper in 500 yards.

Friend of Sleepers Detect when someone in his presence is subject to a celestially-inspired dream or nightmare.

Master of the Realms of Night Receives +2 on any roll made in the Marches.


Generally considers all the other Superiors as too political. Does not leave the Marches for mere political meetings, but sends an Angel of Hope to carry her sigil and cast her vote with Yves.

Allied: None

Associated: Yves

Hostile: David, Jean, Marc, Michael

Basic Rites

  • Sleep for 4 hours without visiting the Marches.
  • Spend 8 hours actively protecting a sleeper from danger. (+2 Essence)

Chance of Invocation: 2

Invocation Modifiers

+1 A book of fairy tales
+2 A sleeping potion
+3 A handwritten collection of lullabies
+4 A bed in which a demon slept while in the Marches
+5 One person, dreaming peacefully while traveling in a car, train, or airplane
+6 Ninety people in a room, peacefully dreaming
+8 At the top of Blandine’s Tower.


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