With a touch, the Cherubim may choose to attune himself to an object or person. Thereafter, he will have an idea of its location and condition. If it is endangered or destroyed, he will know immediately. Removing an attunement requires the object’s physical presence.

Check Digit Results

  1. You know the direction to the attuned object.
  2. Above + general condition, including hazards.
  3. Above + approximate distance (with)in miles.
  4. Above + approximate distance (with)in yards.
  5. Above + whether it’s moving.
  6. Above + whether it’s endangered — even within another’s plans.


Betrayal of an object of devotion or a Superior generates Dissonance. Even a failed attempt at removing the attunement of his Resonance is painful.

Manner and Appearance

In celestial form, the Cherub appears as a large winged creature such as a lion or bear suffused with a glowing halo. The corporeal vessel tends to be short, stocky, and rugged.

Musically, they tend to prefer horns in the day and saxophones at night.


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