When Seraphim are paying attention, they automatically detect any lie which is said to them. Their preoccupation with the truth means that they do not lie well, and that they tend to point out lies that others have glossed over. Consequently, they are devoid of any semblance of tact.

Check Digit Results

  1. Knowledge of whether a speaker thinks he is lying.
  2. Above + which statement he thinks is most false.
  3. Above + why the speaker chose to lie.
  4. Above + what the speaker believes is true.
  5. Above + whether speaker knows the Truth.
  6. Above + what the Truth really is.


The Seraph may lie directly, but this generates Dissonance

Manner and Appearance

In celestial form, the Seraph is a winged serpent with three pairs of eyes. The corporeal vessel tends to be tall and thin.

Musically, they tend to identify with stringed instruments — especially harps and pianos. They are especially adept with the violin.


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